for students will be posted several times a week.    There are no grades for gifted, but these activities will help extend and expand our gifted learning.  Please send an picture of completed assignments when possible.  I will be available through email and the REMIND App. 




    This is a website that I would use in the past to teach beginners how to play chess. Students can work through lessons, earn certificates by taking tests. There are also several solitare games to develop skills. 

    Read the lesson

    Take the assessment

    Practice by playing one of the modified games. 




    This website also has an app.  Students increase vocabulary while playing.  Every correct question earns rice to give to others that need food.  The questions will get increasingly harder.   I have created a group so students can collectively earn rice.  Parents and siblings are also encouraged to help increase our rice totals. 


    Group: Hall Gifted

    Group code: GEB9T64l


    I know many students are hearing the names of other countries on the news.  This website has a game that allows kids to learn the countries of the world. If they miss a country, it will repeat the question untill it is correct.  






    We are able to use code spark for free.  I have a class generated code. Please email me for the code, so your child can extend their coding knowledge. I am willing to add any siblings to a class to make home life easier. Enjoy. 



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