Trist Middle School


  • CONGRATULATIONS to Abigail Coker

    2018-19 Trist Student of the Year

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  • CONGRATULATIONS to Mrs. Sharon Landry

    St. Bernard Parish School District's

    2018-19 Middle School Teacher of the Year

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  • N.P. Trist Middle School's Builders Club, BETA Club, and Student Council present a...


    Drive begins on Wednesday, December 12 and ends on Monday, December 17.

    Students who donate a toy or make a monetary donation valued at $3 to $5 will earn a COZY DRESS DAY PASS to be used on Friday, December 21.

    6th Grade-Bring in toys for babies through preschool aged children.

    7th Grade-Bring in toys for elementary aged children.

    8th Grade-Bring in toys for middle to high school aged children.

    Cozy Dress Day (Pajamas, Jeans, Sweaters, etc.  More information to follow.)

    We are PROUD to partner with the Community Center of St. Bernard!



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  • 2nd 9 weeks EXAMS are December 18, 19, and 20.

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  • N.P. Trist Middle School


    2nd Nine Weeks Exams

    December 18-20, 2018

     Monday, December 17th         Regular Schedule

     Tuesday, December 18th       8:00-8:12            Homeroom

                                                8:14-10:14          7th Period Exam

                                                10:16-12:16        4th Period Exam

                                                12:16-12:56        LUNCH

                                                1:00-3:00            2nd Period Exam


    Wednesday, December 19th   8:00-8:12            Homeroom

                                                8:14-10:14          5th Period Exam

                                                10:16-12:16        1st Period Exam

                                                12:16-12:56        LUNCH

                                                1:00-1:38            6th Period

                                                1:41-2:19            4th Period

                                                2:22-3:00            3rd Period


    Thursday, December 20th       8:00-8:12            Homeroom

                                                8:14-10:14          6th Period Exam

                                                10:16-12:16        3rd Period Exam

                                                12:16-12:56        LUNCH

                                                1:00-1:38            7th Period     

                                                1:41-2:19            5th Period                             

                                                2:22-3:00            2nd Period


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Letter from the Principal

  • Welcome to N. P. Trist Middle School.  We pride ourselves on providing our students a safe environment and the educational opportunities necessary to reach their highest potential both academically and socially.  We offer a curriculum that is both rigorous and challenging.  Several high school credit courses are offered on our middle school campus.  For students interested in being involved beyond the classroom, we offer a wide range of sports and extracurricular activities.  There is something for everyone at Trist.  Our school boasts a faculty consisting of professional and caring teachers and support staff. 


    Trist Middle School Pirates Strive to BE RESPONSIBLE, RESPECTFUL, and POSITIVE in all that they do! 

    Denise D. Pritchard, Principal



School News

  • Millionaire’s Club announces the first Official ARP Members to read a million words!

    At the end of the first 9 weeks, three students each read over one million words. The students were awarded a Millionaire’S Club t-shirt to wear to school on Fridays. Pictured are Michael Dattalo an 8th grader that read 1,652,525 words. Natyri Showers a 6th grader that read 1,227,802 words. Logan Davis a 7th grader that read 1,028,492.

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  • Trist Middle School announces the Fall Terrific Teens

    Pictured in bottom row are Maegan Geralds, Payton Desselles, Cierra Nunez, D’Niah Spriggins, Olivia Spicuzza, Carmen Tonry. Middle row are Karlie Blankenship, Randon Bourgeois, Angeles Carranza, Nahr Abdelhaq, Makayleigh Morrissey, Jasmine Murray, Alexys Smith, Peyton Scheeler. Standing are Kara Colburn (Terrific Teen Coordinator), Dorothy Steele-Hills (Public Affairs Chalmette Refining, LLC), Amado (Junior) Amador, Lexton Abdo, Terry Pitre (St. Beranrd-Arabie Kiwanis Club), Ayla Caillouet, Mike Chutz (St. Bernard-Arabi Kiwanis Club), Justin Paz Lemus, Sophia Oddo, Todd Stechmann, Christopher Tinnerella, Denise Pritchard (Principal), Jeff Southerland (St. Bernard-Arabi Kiwanis Club). Not pictured is Brooklyn Wilson.

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  • Student of the Year

    Abigail Coker named Student of the Year at Trist Middle. Congratulations to Abigail! Pictured are Mrs. Pritchard, Abigail, and Ms. Colburn.

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  • Top of the Class

    Nineteen 8th grade students at N. P. Trist Middle School were recently nominated for Student of the Year. Students qualified for this honor based on rigorous criteria. Students are first screened based on their academic standing. This includes being in the top of their class with both grade point averages and all standardized test scores from their previous school years. Once the list of esteemed nominees was announced, candidates prepared for the finalist selection process. Each nominee presented a portfolio of information to the selection committee. The portfolio included a description of academic accomplishments, leadership roles and extracurricular involvement in school and community, along with a written essay and a writing sample. The writing sample required the students to do a cold read of an informational text and respond to a writing prompt. The nominees were also interviewed by the selection committee. Scores from the portfolio and the interview were then used to select the Student of the Year. Trist Student of the Year Nominees are standing in the first row are Mikylla Maghirang, Nga Phan, David Vu, Randon Bourgeois. Standing in the second row are Sasha Quintanilla, Carmen Tonry, Abigail Coker, Catherine Wilson, Reia Llyza Espiritu. Standing in the third row are Emma Abadie, Ayla Caillouet, Alexys Smith, Nicholas Woodson, Austin Boos. Standing in the fourth row are Peyton Adams, Todd Stechmann, Felicity White, Alexa Plumstead, Noah Scheeler.

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  • November Students of the Month

    November Students of the Month: Emma Abadie 8th grade; Sydney Assavedo 7th grade; D'Niah Spriggins 6th grade.

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  • Thanksgiving Food Drive

    The Trist Student Council and Builders Club coordinated a Thanksgiving Food Drive in partnership with the Community Center of St. Bernard. Our Pirate Family donated items like stuffing mix, sweet potatoes, and cake mix to create a basket of all the components necessary for a Thanksgiving Dinner for six people. We are thankful for our Trist students and staff for their generosity.

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  • Their Hearts Beat in 8 Counts

    The Trist Treasures dance team held a Saturday dance clinic for members of the Lacoste Elementary dance team. Each girl on the Lacoste team was given a t-shirt with "My Heart Beats in 8 Counts"on it. Together, both dance teams performed at the Lacoste Drug Free pep rally and at the halftime show during a Trist football game.

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  • Trist's 2018-19 Teacher of the Year

    Mrs. Sharon Landry 2018-19 Trist Teacher of the Year and St. Bernard Parish School District's Middle School Teacher of the Year.Congratulations from all of us at Trist!!!!!

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  • October Students of the Month

    October Students of the Month: 6th grade, Natyri Showers; 7th grade, Andrew Wei; 8th grade, Amado "Junior" Amador.

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  • Faces of the Pirate Pride in the Morning Show

    2018-19 N.P. Trist Middle School’s “Pirate Pride in the Morning Show” crew members. The crew members are responsible for the broadcasting of the daily morning announcements. In the bottom row: Najeeha Kahla, Abigail Coker, Catherine Wilson. Top row: Emma Abadie, Amado (Junior) Amador, Peyton Adams.

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  • September Students of the Month

    September Students of the Month: 6th grade, Allie Resendez; 7th grade, Gavin Labruzzo; 8th grade, Ayla Caillouet.

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