• Scheduling for Success Videos

    The following videos below have been created to help students and families make the best scheduling decisions possible to ensure student success both during and after high school. Read the video descriptions then click the links at the bottom of the page to access each video.


    Scheduling for Success Video 1

    This first video focuses on exploring your talents, interests, and future career in order to determine your post-secondary plans. 


    Scheduling for Success Video 2

    This next video discusses the two different high school diploma tracks and the types of courses offered to CHS students, including Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment, Asterisks, and Gifted courses. 


    Scheduling for Success Video 3

    This video walks students through the TOPS University diploma track and each core course progression to help students schedule their core courses for next school year. 


    Scheduling for Success Video 4

    This video discusses the six TOPS Tech Jump Start pathways and the electives needed to fulfill graduation requirements in each. The video also walks students through the core courses and when those should be scheduled.