• Food Service

    Students will be served breakfast and lunch according to nutrition guidelines. Meal service operations will vary from school to school.

    • For the 2021-2022 school year, breakfast and lunch will be free for all students.
    • Hand washing should occur before and after every meal by students, teachers, and cafeteria staff.
    • Disposable utensils will be used for breakfast and lunch.
    • Cafeterias and high-touch surfaces such as kitchen countertops, cafeteria and service tables, door handles, carts, and trays will be routinely cleaned throughout the school day.
    • Signage will remain to encourage social distancing in the cafeteria serving lines. 
    • Students are allowed to bring food from home.
    • Parents/caregivers are not allowed to drop off food for their child during the school day or eat meals with their child at school.