• 15 Years in 15 Minutes

    A Video Project Capturing the Journey of the Last 15 Years

    Like so many other big gatherings, the St. Bernard Parish Schools annual Day of Reflection breakfast did not take place as planned.  However, on this 15th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the district did recap the last decade and a half, when it presented its Day of Reflection Abridged 15 years in 15 minutes. This video project highlights the challenges, progress, and successes of the district since its dark days of 2005 by taking a look back at what  has become a signature event of the parish. Each year hundreds of friends, neighbors, state, local and federal leaders enjoy food and fellowship at Chalmette High School during the last week of August.

    Superintendent Doris Voitier expressed her disappointment not hosting the event this year, but she expressed her gratitude and appreciation for the support the community has  shown the school system over the years.  

    “Our annual celebration  is always a time for reflections and reunions.  For tears and laughter. For food and fellowship. A morning of poignant moments, live performances and funny videos, she said. “This event means a lot to our school family each year because it brings people together.  Those who live and work here.  And those  who miss living and working here, but whose love for the parish endures.”

    The abridged broadcast features guest speakers, musical stylings, and nostalgic moments.  Written, narrated, and produced by the district’s communication team via its cable access channel, the program is a fast, fun, yet powerful look back at the district’s devastation, recovery, and rebirth. Production members include Alex Schneider, Jack Jackson and Barry Lemoine. 

    Anyone interested can view the production by visiting the school district Facebook and Youtube pages or by visiting our district website at www.sbpsb.org/15in15

    Voitier said the family feel and the collective joy of the breakfast is a true highlight of the school year and looks forward to next year’s celebration. 

    “From Katrina to Corona, our community has been through a lot,” she said. “We thank you all for your continued support for our school system, for our students, and for the ongoing partnerships that make our system such a strong one.  We are working each day to fulfill our promise   - to provide the very best learning opportunities, technology, and facilities for all of the children of our community to create a brighter future for the people of our parish.”

    School Board President Diana Dysart added, “We know that part of working and living in St. Bernard is knowing the strength of this community and the commitment of our school family.  And as a Board, we pledge our ongoing support and unwavering commitment of time and resources to make sure that learning continues each day - safely.”