• Student Dress Code

    The St. Bernard Parish Public School System Dress Code will be ineffect for all students attending in-person schooling as outlined in the Guide to Student Conduct.

    Face Coverings

    All adults and students (3rd grade and up) must wear face coverings. It is strongly recommended that PreK-2nd grade students wear face coverings.  Face coverings must be worn in all areas of the school including classrooms. Most importantly, face coverings should be worn during arrival, dismissal, and any other transition within the school building. Face shields may be worn in addition to face coverings but do not take the place of face coverings.

    However, individuals with severe breathing difficulties, as documented by a doctor’s note, may be excused from wearing a face covering and instead may be required to wear a shield. 

    Face coverings can be of any color or pattern but cannot contain writing or symbols which may be perceived as vulgar, profane, satanic, gang-related, violent, political, or tobacco, drug or alcohol-related. In accordance with our dress code, bandanas may not be worn as a face covering. The principal will make the final decision as to whether a face covering is acceptable. 

    St. Bernard Parish School Board Uniform Policy for Students

    The St. Bernard Parish School Board requires that all students adhere to its adopted school uniform.  This uniform was initially adopted on February 17, 1998, following the recommendations of a committee comprised of teachers, administrators, and a parent (legal guardian) representative from each school.  Please consult your child’s school for proper uniform color and for other questions regarding uniforms.

    Uniform Pants

    • Boys: Khaki colored or navy (Elementary students can also wear dress shorts)
    • Girls: Khaki colored or navy (Elementary students can also wear dress shorts or jumpers)


    • White Oxford or uniform broadcloth

    Alternate Shirts

    • White or school color collared polo/golf (purchased from or authorized by the school)

    All grade levels’ uniforms include the following:

    Dress Code Guidelines: 

    A student’s clothing must be the appropriate, standard school uniform as determined by the St. Bernard School Board and as interpreted by the principal. The principal will make the final determination regarding the acceptability of a student’s uniform dress, accessories, and appearance.


    Pants and jumpers/skirts are to be dress, non-denim, uniform type, navy-colored or khaki colored. Pants are to be the appropriate size for the student, must fit properly at the waist, and may be neither too tight nor too baggy. Bell-bottom, cargo, corduroy, leggings, joggers or jean type pants are not allowed as part of the uniform. Pants are to be hemmed (shoe-top length) with no split seams or frayed edges.

    Shirts or blouses are to be white uniform type with or without school insignia or a school colored shirt must have school insignia. Shirt tails are to be tucked in and may not be worn outside the pants/skirt.  Uniform shirt collars must be visible when wearing a sweater or sweatshirt.  Only white or school colored undershirts may be worn beneath uniform shirts. Uniform jumpers, skirts, and shorts (elementary only) must be of modest length and fit with consideration for the age and size of the student. Jumpers and skirts must not be shorter than to the top of the knee. Clothing must be neat, clean, modest, properly worn, and be the correct size for the student. When purchasing uniform clothing, one should be mindful of the likelihood of student growth during the year. As uniforms are outgrown or become worn they should be replaced.

    School jackets, sweatshirts, uniform sweatersJackets must be authorized by principal/designee and approved school colors. No hoods are allowed on student’s heads while on school grounds and/or on school buses. Hoods will be allowed to be worn only on cold or windy days as per the principal’s discretion. Only school issued or school authorized jackets may be worn in class. School sanctioned uniform sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets may be worn in school at any time (school color or white v-neck, vest, crew or cardigan styles). Except in extreme weather conditions or in special cases, as determined by the principal, non-uniform jackets and coats are not to be worn in the building.

    Belts: Required with clothing with belt loops and in the appropriate size. Only solid colors (black, white, navy, khaki, or brown) are permitted. Metal studs, eyelets, etc. and/or designs are not allowed on any belt. Oversized or large belt buckles are not allowed. Belt buckles may only be slightly larger than the width of the belt.

    Socks must be worn. Socks, Stockings, Knee-highs, and Tights must be a solid color - white, neutral, black, navy or brown must be worn at all times.

    Shoes: Closed-toed tennis, casual, or dress shoes of any color.  Sandals, backless shoes, platform shoes, slippers/house shoes, heelys, light up shoes, crocs and boots (above ankles) are not considered uniform wear.

    Student Identification Card: In middle and high school, student I.D. card must be worn at all times while on campus and/or while riding the school bus.

    Hair: Moderate hair styles only are permitted. Boys' natural hair length may not extend lower than the top of the shirt collar. No student may have a shaved design cut into the eyebrows or any shaved design cut and/or braided into the hair. Extreme hairstyles and un-natural hair colorings are not allowed. No student may wear a hair style that covers one or both eyes so as to impair vision and the learning process. Mustaches and beards are permitted at the high school level only, provided that it is neat, clean, well-groomed, and with no shaved designs * up to discretion of the administrator*

    AccessoriesHats, caps, bandanas, visors, hair curlers, gloves, and sunglasses (unless prescribed by a physician) may not be worn in the building during the regular school day. Excessive jewelry or jewelry that places students in danger of being accidentally injured may not be worn. Large earrings (hoops and/or those that hang very long) may not be worn as per the principal’s discretion. Body piercing (aside from earrings in the earlobe) is not allowed in school. Earrings for boys are prohibited at the elementary and middle school level. Boys at the high school level may wear one stud per ear and are not permitted to wear dangling or hoop earrings. Tattoos may not be visible at any time.

    Appearances: Students are expected to pay particular attention to the cleanliness and modesty of their persons as well as to the appropriateness of their dress. Extreme and distracting make-up may not be worn to school. Clothing must be neat, clean, and free of holes, tears and stains. Accessories, jackets, book bags, book covers, or any other item containing graffiti, or writing or symbols which may be perceived as vulgar, profane, satanic, gang-related, violent, tobacco, drug or alcohol-related are not to be worn or possessed. The only type of monogramming, emblems or insignia that may be worn are those officially adopted by the school and by the St. Bernard Parish Public School Board.

    Further rules and regulations concerning dress may be specified for special events (ball games, dances, graduation, etc.), activities (spirit days, field days, etc.) or field trips. The principal of the school will make that determination.

    IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES, THE PRINCIPAL WILL MAKE THE FINAL DECISION AS TO WHETHER A STUDENT'S DRESS OR APPEARANCE IS ACCEPTABLE. This determination shall be based on the educational and disciplinary philosophy and rationale of the St. Bernard School Board.