• Environmental and Physical Standards

    Group Size 

    Class and group sizes are determined by the phase the State of Louisiana is operating under at any given time. Regardless of class size, elementary students will remain in static groups, to the best of our ability, throughout the day. Given the nature of the middle and high school schedules, we will make every attempt possible to ensure social distancing practices are in place throughout the day, and students come in contact with as few individuals as possible.


    All non-essential furniture has been removed from classrooms to be able to maximize the space between students in the classroom. 

    While our cafeterias and playgrounds will be accessible, utilization of these areas will be decided upon at the school level and follow all CDC guidelines. 

    Families should anticipate changes to drop-off and pick-up processes to ensure physical distance recommendations are maintained to the maximum extent possible. 

    Further information will be provided by school administrators.


    We have intensified all cleaning and disinfecting efforts throughout our school buildings and buses. High-touch surfaces (e.g., desks, doorknobs) are cleaned before and after each group’s use. 

    Personal Hygiene

    Routine handwashing practices will be implemented throughout the school. Schools have established hand sanitizer and hand washing stations throughout the building. Nursing staff will continue to meet with students and teachers to review best practices regarding common illness prevention. 

    Students in 3rd-12th grade will be required to wear a mask while on school campuses. Students will also be encouraged to practice social distancing throughout the day.