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Letter from the Principal

  • Dear Chalmette High Students,

    Each school day we begin with quotes of someone’s words which make us realize that every day is a new beginning.

    On a day just like this one, Shakespeare sat down to write his first play, or Jonas Salk invented a vaccine to prevent polio, or Copernicus discovered that the earth revolved around the sun, or the United States constitution was ratified, or Michelangelo finished painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, or Mozart wrote a musical masterpiece, and on and on.

    Every day is a new beginning.  You have another day to do great things… or not.

    We also take a minute each morning to talk about living our lives in a positive, kind, courteous and honest way, providing encouragement and love to others.  Realize that your attitude is everything.  You can have a happy life or a miserable life, it’s your choice.

    And speaking of choices, you decide if you are going to be a productive citizen or waste your day, or waste your life.  You decide if you are going to do the right thing just because it is the right thing to do, or do the wrong thing and eventually pay the consequences.

    Do you take advantage of the opportunity school provides you to learn as much as you can, or do you just get by?  Do you prepare yourself for your next step in life or just waste four precious years of your life?

    I hope that every day you remember that “the choices you make today, shape your world, your life, tomorrow!


    Mr. Wayne Warner

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