• Chalmette High School

    2024 Scheduling Information

    You will soon schedule your courses for next year by completing the scheduling Google form on our school website. Please use the attached resources and the information found on our school website to make the most informed decisions possible.

    Scheduling Documents

    On the CHS website, www.sbpsb.org/chs, under the Academic tab you will find a Scheduling page that contains much information to help you during the scheduling process. Please review the graduation requirements for each diploma track, course progressions, Jump Start pathways and electives, scheduling videos, as well as course descriptions.

    Graduation Requirements

    In this packet you will find the graduation requirements for each diploma type and a chart that will help you determine which courses are taken in each grade level. Some of you may be interested in pursuing a Jump Start diploma. Your counselor will set up a meeting with you and a parent/guardian to discuss your post-secondary plans and determine which Jump Start pathway is right for you. The courses you enroll in as a Jump Start student will be determined by your pathway.


    Students should select electives that best fit their interests and post-secondary plans. Understand that any electives chosen require an alternate to be chosen as well. We make every effort to give you your first choice, but there is a very good chance you may get your alternate instead. Choose wisely. Descriptions for all courses can be found on our website.

    Dual Enrollment

    Dual Enrollment (DE) is the simultaneous enrollment of a student at both high school and college. Students receive credit on both their high school and college transcripts for the same course. CHS has partnered with Nunez Community College to offer students many dual enrollment opportunities. Some of these DE courses are offered on campus at CHS, while others must be taken at Nunez CC. A variety of courses and programs are offered including core course requirements, technical courses, and Associate Degree programs. All programs have both academic and behavioral requirements and require an application to be submitted. A full list of the courses and programs offered can be found on the DE page of our website.


    If you are unsure which courses you have previously taken and passed, you may access your unofficial transcript through your Student Progress Center (SPC) account. Your username is your StudentID@sbpsb.org (ex. 1234567@sbpsb.org) and your password is your 8-digit date of birth (ex. June 1, 2004 = 06012004).

    Early Graduates

    10th Graders: If you need only eight or less courses to graduate, you may choose to be a three-year graduate and graduate at the end of your junior year. If you indicate on the scheduling Google form that you wish to be a three-year graduate, your counselor will review your request and determine if completion of all graduation requirements in three years is a possibility. 

    11th Graders: Each year we get questions about Early Release. All students must be scheduled in eight credits each school year. However, you do have the option to be a mid-year graduate if you will be a senior and need only four or less classes to graduate. Please indicate this on the scheduling Google form.



    9th Graders – Ms. Morales – suzonne.morales@sbpsb.org

    10th-11th Graders – Last Names A-F - Ms. Tinnerella – penny.tinnerella@sbpsb.org

    10th-11th Graders – Last Names G-M - Ms. Willard – katherine.willard@sbpsb.org

    10th-11th Graders – Last Names N-Z - Ms. Lewis – zinnia.lewis@sbpsb.org

    504 Coordinator – Ms. Taylor – joy.taylor@sbpsb.org

    Career-Tech Education (CTE)/Dual Enrollment Counselor: Mr. Durr – eric.durr@sbpsb.org

    Career-Tech Education (CTE)/Dual Enrollment Coordinator: Ms. LeBoeuf – aleen.leboeuf@sbpsb.org


    The St. Bernard Parish School Board seeks to provide all of its students and employees equal opportunities without regard to race, color, national origin, age, disabilities, veteran status, or gender. The Board further seeks to provide a safe learning and work environment acknowledging the worth and dignity of each individual. To that end the Board expressly prohibits discrimination of any kind and/or sexual harassment.