• Second Grade Supply List

    • 1 pair of blunt Fiskars scissors

      1 bottle of Elmer’s glue

      2 packs of block erasers

      1 large material zipped pencil case – no boxes

      48-#2 pencils sharpened (label each pencil with child’s name)

      4 packs of crayons - 24 count

      1 black marbled composition book

      1 pack of sheet protectors (25 count)

      2-white binders ½”

      4 plastic folders with prongs and pockets (red, yellow, green, blue)

      4 red pens

      1-4 pack skinny Expo dry erase markers

      1 bottle of hand sanitizer

      2 boxes of Kleenex

      1 pack of baby wipes

      2 - 12 inch wooden rulers with centimeters and inches

      1 pair earbuds or small headphones

      Boys Only      1 pack of brown or white paper bags                  

      Girls Only        1 pack of paper plates


      * Please label all supplies (once they are out of the package) with your child’s name before they are brought to school.

      **If you cannot find the plastic folders in the colors requested, please get plastic folders in any color instead of the correct paper colored folder