• Kindergarten School Supply List

    Classroom Supplies:

    1 box Kleenex

    1 box baby wipes

    1 roll of paper towels (Art Class)

    Individual Supplies: Please remove from package and write the child’s name on each item.

    3 large pink erasers

    1 plastic supply box

    1 pair Fiskar brand scissors

    1 can Play Doh

    2-yellow highlighters

    8 packs Crayola brand regular crayons-24 pack*

    1-8-pack Fine Tip EXPO dry erase markers*

    1 bright colored Bingo marker (no black)

    12 “Elmer’s” brand large (.77 oz.) glue sticks*

    24 sharpened pencils-PLAIN/NO DECORATION.

    Please do not write the child’s name on every pencil!

    1 pack fat washable “Crayola” brand markers

    1-pack of Crayola brand watercolor paints with brush

    1 pair earbuds or small headphones

    Boys Only:

    1 box Ziploc bags sandwich (ZIP TOP) size

    1 pk of paper bowls

    1 pk (75 count) adhesive wiggly eyes

    1 pk of 1.5 inch safety pins

    1 pack of Astrobrights Color paper (5-colors-100 sheets)

    Girls Only:

    1 pk of small paper plates

    1 box Ziploc bags gallon (Zip Top) size

    1 pk Pen & Gear Color paper (green, blue, or yellow)

    1 pk brown or white paper lunch bags