• 6th Grade ELA 2019-2020

    Mrs. Maldonado

    (504) 301-1500 – Jmaldonado@sbpsb.org


    Dear Parents/Guardians,


    My name is Mrs. Jennifer Maldonado and I am very excited to be teaching your child for the 2019-20 school year! In order for your child to be fully prepared, he or she will need the following materials for his or her ELA class:


    • A pair of headphones
    • 1 1/2 inch binder
    • 1 pack of dividers (5)
    • 1 Yellow, blue, and green highlighter turn in to teacher
    • 2 composition notebooks with student’s name printed on the front turn in to teacher
    • 2 packs of paper turn in to teacher
    • 1 pack of post its turn in to teacher



    1. A standard percentage scale will be used to determine students’ grades.  The grades will be weighted as follows: 

    15% Homework

    20% Classwork

    25% District Exam

    40% Tests & Quizzes


    1. All assignments must be turned in ON TIME for the student to receive full credit.  
    2. Students are responsible for all assignments missed. Students have as many days as they were absent to make up class work/homework. It is not the teacher’s responsibility to give out or ask for missed assignments; students must take on that responsibility themselves!



    St. Bernard Parish uses a middle school English curriculum called Springboard. This rigorous curriculum will provide students with opportunities to strengthen their reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills by working collaboratively with their peers. The textbook for Springboard is a consumable textbook that will remain in class unless homework in SpringBoard is assigned.



    Sign up for homework text message reminders using the attached “remind” page!  Students as well as parents and guardians are encouraged to sign up. Homework will be listed on my website, which is an extension of Andrew Jackson Middle School’s website.  Please note that there may be times when technology or scheduling prevents a timely text alert or website update.  These are meant to be supplemental tools for students and parents/guardians.  It is ultimately the individual student’s responsibility to record homework assignments in a school-issued agenda.  


    Students will be required to spend twenty minutes a night reading and completing a provided homework log for a weekly homework grade. It is the student’s responsibility to complete homework with support from parents/guardians. Please take an active role in ensuring that your student is completing his or her homework. Homework is not optional and will be counted towards each student’s overall grade!    


    Every day, students may earn a total of five points for class work: one point for completing warm-up work, one point for staying on task, one point for coming to class prepared, one point for participating, and one point for showing effort. Therefore, twenty five points are possible a week. Daily points will be added and a weekly class work grade can be assigned based on the above grading scale. 



    • Embedded Assessments - The SpringBoard curriculum includes two embedded assessments per unit.  Embedded assessments are expository essays and narratives.  
    • Mid-Unit Cold Read Assessments - Halfway through each nine-week period, students will be tested on several new readings.  The assessments are designed to track students’ progress before each quarterly exam.  
    • Quarterly Exams - Exams will demonstrate mastery of the standards taught throughout the quarter.  They are designed to prepare students for their annual standardized test, as yet to be determined.  



    Over the summer students had a choice of books to read prior to the start of school. The students must turn in their writing assignment by Friday, September 6th.  This will count as an extra credit grade.



    Students will be rewarded for being respectful, demonstrating enthusiasm, achieving goals, displaying citizenship, and working hard. Rewards may include Student of the Week Award, positive phone calls home, colonel cash, and merits which are used to earn Fun Friday. 


    Consequences are listed in order: 

    1.   Verbal warning 
    2. Written reflection
    3. Parent phone call
    4. Student - teacher conference
    5. Class II referral



    Students are expected to have all required class materials every day. These are a pair of headphones, an independent reading book, the required whole class reading book, a writing utensil (a pen with blue or black ink), and a pocket folder (for homework).  If a student chooses to use pencils instead of pens, a small personal pencil sharpener is recommended, as there is no class pencil sharpener.  Please do not bring battery-operated pencil sharpeners or mechanical pencils, as these also create distractions. Should a student fail to bring the required materials, the daily class work grade will be lowered. Binders, textbooks, and composition books will be kept in the classroom in order to lighten students’ loads and ensure that students are always prepared. 


    Binder Organization

    Section 1 - Notes

    Section 2 - Expository Writing

    Section 3 - Narrative Writing

    Section 4 - Sentence Building

    Section 5 - Looseleaf



    Students will be allowed to use the restroom a limited number of times per nine week period (to eliminate classroom disruptions). Students  must use their agendas as their bathroom pass. If the student does not have his or her agenda he or she may not use the restroom. See your AJMS Student Agenda. This is a school rule. 



    We will read a variety of books throughout the school year.  The two class novels that are determined prior to the beginning of the school year are Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick and I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai. We will read and excerpt other novels, but these will be determined based on student ability, interest, and need. 


    Throughout the year we will have required reading books that are available from the library, but students must return one required reading book before they can check out another.  (They are allowed to check out an additional self-selected book at any time). Students will be charged for books that are not returned to the library, and they will be barred from extracurricular functions until those debts are paid in full.  Please emphasize to your child the importance of keeping up with library books. The books that we check out from the library are NOT OPTIONAL.  Students will use them for classwork, homework, and tests.  I will always allow students to purchase books at the lowest retail price available in advance of reading them if they would like to have their own copies.  I will let parents/guardians know when we are collecting money via text alert and it will be posted on my website.   



    After you and your parent or guardian have read the course syllabus & Mrs. Maldonado’s policies, please complete the information below and return this page only.  


    Student Name: ______________________________________________


    It is important that students have a distraction-free zone at home where they can concentrate on reading and completing their reading log each day. Please have your child think about where this will be and write it on the line below. 




    Has a parent/guardian signed up for the homework text alerts?  


    ___ Yes

    ___ No


    What resources do you have at home?  (Check all that apply)

    __ Dictionary

    __ Student has phone with internet access

    __ Computer with internet access

    __ Parent has phone with internet access

    __ Computer with working printer     

    __ Public library card (extra credit will be given in the second nine weeks for having/getting one).  


    What is the best way to contact parents/guardians?  


    Name of parent/guardian: _________________________________

    Relationship to student: ___________________________________

    Would you prefer to be contacted via phone or email? _____________________________

    Phone number or email address: ______________________________________________


    Is there anything that you feel I should know about your child as we begin the school year?


    My parent/guardian and I have read and understand the information on Mrs. Maldonado’s 2019-2020 course syllabus.


    Student’s name (printed) Student’s name (signature) Date


    Parent/guardian’s name (printed) Parent/guardian’s name (signature) Date