The most effective communication between parents and teachers is the parent-teacher conference. Parents are encouraged to contact the school whenever the need arises. However, since class time belongs to ALL children, parent conferences should never be attempted during actual teaching time. To ensure sufficient time for your conference, pre-arrange it by calling the school office ahead of time and make an appointment. The conference will be arranged either before or after school hours or during the teacher’s planning period that week. Teachers are available for conferences before and after school at the discretion of the teacher. The principal, the assistant principal, guidance counselor, or teacher may sometimes request a conference with a parent. Please be sure to attend these meetings.

    If at any time there is a problem with a teacher, please call and ask for a conference with that teacher. If dissatisfaction is still felt, ask to talk with the principal or the assistant principal. Many problems can be resolved if communication lines are left open. Incorrect information can often result in frustration