Field trips are an integral part of the instructional program and help bring learning to life for students. Students are encouraged to attend all class-sponsored field trips. School dress code and all school rules are in effect for field trips. For each field trip, please send the money and permission slip in a well-labeled envelope. Permission slips or money cannot be accepted after the deadline for submission. No permission slips or money will be accepted in the front office.


    No permission slips or money will be accepted from students who owe outstanding school fees (lunch money, instructional fee, damaged/lost library or textbook fees, bus damage fees, NSF check fees).

    The rules for incentive field trips are established by the teacher, and incentive field trips may be withheld for disciplinary reasons.

    Chaperones must provide a valid ID when checking in at the office. Parent chaperones must dress appropriately (NO shorts, halter tops, midriffs, etc.) and must follow chaperone guidelines. We suggest that parents wear a green T-Shirt/School Spirit Shirt for the safety of the group; it is easier for the students and teachers to identify chaperones. No other children are allowed on field trips. Alcoholic beverages and smoking are not allowed on field trips. Parents must follow regular check out procedures after field trips.