Students will be expected to:

    • Walk in the halls.
    • Report any problem with another student to the nearest adult (teacher, aide, bus driver, etc).
    • Avoid hitting, kicking, or hurting another student.  Avoid throwing objects.
    • Refrain from “calling names” or teasing another student.
    • Respect school property.  Use the bathroom facilities properly.
    • Obey all school, classroom, and bus rules.

    Recess Rules

    • Students should follow this line-up procedure after recess:
    • “Freeze” on the first bell or whistle.  Walk quietly to the line when instructed to do so. 
    • Quietly move to the classroom or cafeteria.

    Students in the cafeteria should:

    • Stay in a straight line.
    • Keep hands and feet to themselves.
    • Eat quietly
    • Practice good table manners.
    • Listen for instructions to be dismissed.
    • Remain quiet during dismissal from the tables to empty trays.


    Students should:

    • Play by cooperating with other students.
    • Avoid rough play.
    • Avoid running on all concrete areas.
    • Follow playground equipment rules established by the P.E. teachers.
    • Obey all safety rules. Stay out of the area immediately surrounding the playground equipment when not using the playground equipment.