Students are expected to follow all school rules and behave appropriately. The teacher, the principal, or the assistant principal will contact a parent when a student consistently breaks the school rules. Refer to the Guide to Student Conduct for information regarding the different classes of behavioral infractions and possible consequences.

    When a student is given a before-school or after-school detention as a consequence, the parent will be sent a written notice. The parent is responsible for providing transportation.

    When a student is suspended, the parent will be called in for a conference.

    Whenever a question arises concerning discipline, please follow the steps listed below.

    • Discuss it with your child
    • Discuss it with the teacher
    • If necessary, discuss it with an administrator.

    Please help your child develop good behavior habits as well as proper attitudes toward the school. Become familiar with your child’s class rules as well as the Guide to Student Conduct. Your child will be held accountable for obeying all class, school, and district rules.