• You must present identification to the office personnel, sign the child out, and state the reason for early checkout. Habitual check outs will be reported to the Supervisor of Child Welfare and Attendance. When a child is checked out early, the learning of the entire class is interrupted because the teacher stops instruction to assist the child who is preparing to leave early. In the interest of your child’s safety, students are not allowed to be checked out after 3:10 p.m. as this interferes with the preparation for our dismissal procedure.
    • Advance written notice from a parent must be sent if anyone other than a parent will be checking out a child. The note will be verified to approve the check out. The person checking the child out will be required to show proper identification upon arrival to check out the child.


    Normal dismissal time is 3:40 p.m. for students in PreK-4 through 5th grade.

    • If an adult other than the parent is sent to check out a student, the parent will be called to verify the check out. That person’s name must be listed on the Student Emergency Card kept on file in the school office. Office personnel will check identification, so please inform anyone you have authorized to check out your child to bring his/her driver’s license into the office. 
    • No child may be checked out after 3:10, as this interferes with the safe and orderly dismissal of students. 
    • All check outs must be made from the office. Children will not be released to parents from the bus loading area. 
    • Car riders will be dismissed from the car rider lobby on the right-hand side of the building. Parents of car riders will be issued a pass; please write your child’s name on the pass and keep the pass on front passenger side of your car windshield for the duty teachers to see as you approach the pick-up area. Your cooperation with this will greatly speed up the dismissal process.
    • Permanent transportation changes cannot be made over the telephone or by notes sent from parents. These changes must be processed by completing paperwork in the office. Any student riding a bus may only be picked up and dropped off at the address on file with the transportation department. This policy is in place to protect your child. If there is a specific day when a bus rider will NOT ride the bus, a signed written note must be sent to the homeroom teacher. Students who are not normally bus riders are not allowed to ride the bus home for any reason unless a permanent transportation change request is completed.