• Students must follow all bus rules contained in the St. Bernard Parish Guide to Student Conduct. 
    • Mutual respect by the student and the bus driver should alleviate almost all problems.
    • Once a student is assigned to a bus, he/she must ride only that bus. Changes in bus assignment can only be made with an official change of home address or permission of the transportation supervisor.
    • Problems concerning bus routes or pick-ups should be directed to the Supervisor of Transportation at 301-3941.
    • Discipline problems should be reported to the assistant principal as soon as possible. Students not observing common courtesies and obeying bus rules will be suspended from the bus. Riding the bus is a privilege.





    Students waiting for the bus should: 

    • Stay in line to wait for the bus.
    • Stay out of the street.
    • NEVER walk directly in front of, between, or behind buses.

    Students on the bus should:

    • Stay seated in the assigned seat. 
    • Speak quietly. 
    • Keep hands and other objects inside the bus windows.
    • Report problems to the bus driver before leaving the bus.
    • Keep feet and school bags out of the aisles.
    • Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop before getting out of their seats.
    • Exit the bus single file at the school entrance in the morning and walk to their assigned areas in the building.
    • Board the bus single file at the bus loading zone near the cafeteria in the afternoon. 
    • Keep the bus clean. (No eating or drinking is allowed on the bus.)