• Training: Teach St. Bernard

    Field Experience

    There is no better teacher than experience. Each candidate is required to complete 30 hours of field experience with a mentor teacher. Field experience is tailored to the needs of the candidate so the specifics regarding Field Experience will be discussed with candidates who are selected to participate in a phone interview.

    Initial Training

    Candidates that successfully complete the interview process and are hired at a school site will complete at minimum a four weeks intensive professional development.

    When: July 6th - First Day of School

    • Initial training is a full time commitment Monday - Friday from 8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.
    • Training will begin the first week of July and conclude the day prior to the district-wide teacher start date. 
    • Sessions during this training will focus on:
      • Classroom Management
      • Child and Adolescent Psychology
      • Standard Based Lesson Planning
      • Backward Design and Unit Planning 
      • Foundational Reading
      • Teaching high-poverty students
    • All candidates are required to complete a field training with a mentor teacher and students. Field training will be individually structured to meet the needs of the candidate and will be discussed upon acceptance into the program.
    • Please Note: This is an un-paid training. Candidates will receive their first pay check in the middle of August. Please plan accordingly.


    Training and Support During the School Year

    • Mentorship and Coaching: Teachers will work closely work with a mentor teacher and a coach/ teacher leader throughout the school year. 
    • Peer Observations: Teachers are required to complete 10 peer-observations each semester and complete a reflection guide.
    • Saturday Sessions: Teachers will participate in 8 Saturday sessions focusing on different topics pertinent to the classroom teacher.