• Pirate Pride in the Morning


    Club Overview:

    Pirate Pride in the Morning is broadcasted each morning throughout Trist.  The student body and staff  begin each school day watching as the Pirate Pride in the Morning crew deliver school news and information.  Pirate Pride in the Morning is comprised of an eight member crew of 8th grade students.  Students must audition for the crew at the end of the preceding school year's tryouts.  Four of the members are the tv personalities that appear in the broadcasts reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, giving the daily lunch menu, school-wide expectation, temperature, today in history, school announcements, and birthdays.  The other four crew members remain behind the scenes to ensure that the broadcasts take place as they run the equipment and camera.    


    Club Sponsor:

    • Wendy Gonzales               wendy.gonzales@sbpsb.org      504-872-9402



    Daily morning broadcasts