• Chorus

    Students will learn the following skills this year:

    • Singing with proper posture and volume
    • Solfege scale and hand signs
    • Singing in unison and two-part harmony
    • Reading notes on the treble clef and bass clef (pitch)
    • Identify, demonstrate, and interpret musical terminology and symbols
    • Reading note and rest values (rhythm)

    Every student is required to sing on a daily basis during rehearsal.  Just as they are required to complete classwork like reading in English or work out a problem in Math, they must sing in Chorus.  No exceptions.

    There will be two mandatory concerts this school year; one in December and one in May.  These performances will serve as exam grades for the 2nd and 4th nine weeks respectively.  During the Holiday season, students will have the opportunity to audtion for a select touring group who will sing at hotels and other various events in St. Bernard and New Orleans.

    Homework assignments will be kept brief, as Ms. Lancaster understands the amount of homework given by other subjects and students' interests in extra curricular activities.  Classwork grades will be weekly written assingments called Pick of the Week.  This assignment teaches students how to listen to, break down, and think and write critically about music.  The majority of tests will be based on music theory material we cover in class and homework.