• Beginning Band:

    Students will learn the following things this year in class and in preparation for Mardi Gras parades:

    • How to assemble and care for instruments
    • How to hold and produce sound on instrument
    • How to read notes (pitch and note value)
    • How to march in time

    The first couple of weeks of class, students will get to try out different brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments.  From there students will work with Ms. Lancaster to choose an instrument for the school year.  Students will be tested on their ability to play their instrument throughout the year, therefore they must practice regularly at home (parent signed practice charts stand in as homework assignments and are due weekly) and bring their instrument and book to class every day. There will be two required concerts which act as exam grades for the 2nd and 4th nine weeks.  Participation in the Knights of Nemisis parade is also required, but we are limited on uniforms.  Should your child not march, he/she will be given an alternative assignment.  

    Students will also learn how to listen to, break down, and critically think and write about music. Our Pick of the Week assignment is their primary weekly classwork grade.   

    Advanced Band:

    Students will add to their existing skills by working on more challenging music.  In addition, advanced band students are required to participate in Pep Band, which will include after school practices and performances at all AJ football games within the parish.  All homework (practice charts), classwork (Pick of the Week), and playing tests still stand.