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Letter from the Principal

  • C. F. Rowley Alternative School

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    Andree Bonnaffons Principal


    Welcome Back to the 2019 – 2020 school year ! The faculty, staff and administration have been working diligently to prepare for the year with a focus on this year’s district motto : CONNECTED ! We plan to stay connected with our students through differentiating instruction and working together on behavioral interventions that will help all students to be successful in meeting their goals. We plan to stay connected to our parents through consistent communication via our website, phone conversations, emails and parent conferences so that we continue our collaborative relationship between home and school. We plan to stay connected to our St. Bernard community as we foster relationships that will provide networking, mentoring, and employment opportunities for our students. Please help us stay connected by completing the forms in the enclosed packet. Students will be rewarded for returning completed packets with Rocket Bucks to use in our concession stand or in our Rowley Rewards store. As we start the new school year, on behalf of the entire C.F. Rowley community, I thank you for the privilege of working and connecting with the students that are entrusted to our care on a daily basis.



    Andree Bonnaffons Principal

    C.F. Rowley School








  • Student Expectations

    Students placed at Rowley are expected to show growth both behaviorally and academically in order to return to their district school.  This growth is tracked through the Daily Tracker which is sent home to parents every Friday.   Teachers either email or call parents/guardians on a regular basis to keep them informed of the students’ academic and behavioral progress.  The Daily Tracker and the communication home are two of the main indicators to a parent/guardian that a student is progressing towards exiting or is not progressing successfully to be considered for exiting.


    In addition to the Daily Tracker and communication between home and school, the following is a consolidated list of the requirements that the Administration reviews when considering eligibility for a student’s return to a district school :


    1. Minimum of 14 weeks in attendance at Rowley ( (this time frame may be less if the student is on an IEP or MDR placement ; more if the student is placed at Rowley for an offense that carries a longer stay as mandated by federal law
    2. In good standing regarding attendance (absences and tardies)
    3. In good standing academically (preferably no Fs on report cards in October, January to be eligible for a January exit  or March, May to be eligible for a May exit and an August return)
    4. No suspensions
    5. No Class II referrals that are suspendable
    6. Debts reconciled at Rowley


    Students placed at Rowley are allowed to return to the district school at semester break (January) or at the beginning of the following school year.  Students on an IEP (SPED) or MDR (504) placement will be allowed to return to the district school with an 80% average on the Daily Tracker ; full attainment of the goals set in the IEP or with the Administration ; time met as indicated in the IEP or MDR.


    All questions regarding placement should be addressed to the Principal.




    November 28, 2017/ A. Bonnaffons, Principal

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  • Tutoring!


    Every Tuesday and Thursday after school, C.F. Rowley offers tutoring to any students hoping to improve their grades or maintain great grades. Tutoring lasts from 2:45 to 4:15. All students who stay for tutoring will have transportation home provided to them.

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