From the Principal

  • Dear St. Bernard Middle School Parent/Guardian:

    It's your favorite principal over here at St. Bernard Middle School signing off for the year and saying congratulations on making it through another successful year of school!  This year has certainly had its challenges, and I'm proud of all of our eagles for making it through.  I also thank you all for the support and grace you've given to our Eagle Family throughout the year.

    I hope this summer is wonderful for you and your family and that you make the time to rejuvenate and to rest.  Here at SBM, we call that Habit 7:  Sharpening the Saw.  By taking the time for yourself and your family, you can continue to grow your child's potential for academic success.  One way your child can grow academically over the summer is to read.  This is important to increase your child's intellectual growth.  You will find infomation about our summer reading lists in this packet.  Be sure that your child works on these assignments this summer.

    Also in this packet you will find your child's report card, school supply list, and dress code information.  If you have any questions about the contents of this mail out, please contact me at 504-267-7878.

    If we are allowed to host a back to school night, this information will be posted on our school's website and our school's Facebook page.  Please check this regularly for any updates.  IN THE EVENT this is allowed, we will have our Back to School Night on Wednesday, AUGUST 4th.  Six Grade will meet at 5:30pm, 7th grade will meet at 6:15, and 8th grade will meet at 7:00pm.  This event, held in the cafeteria, is a great opportunity to meeet our faculty and allow students to purchase spirit shirts, PE uniforms, sweat shirts, agendas, and lockers.  More information about Back to School Night will be sent home in our second summer mail out.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that we're able to have this awesome and helpful event.

    Once again, enjoy your summer, and I hope we are able to meet and chat on August 4th.  If we are allowed to have this event, please come say hi!  And don't forget that the first day of school is FRIDAY, AUGUST 6TH.  School BEGINS at 8:00, so be sure to have your child here no later than 7:55 daily.  Yay!  Summer!



    Mrs. Angela D. Seibert, Principal






    Middle School Summer Reading Lists

    May 2021


    Dear Parents and Guardians, 

           Our teachers and students have worked hard all year, and your children are leaving school this year as better readers and writers. As you know, good readers and writers read and write DAILY.  Recent brain research shows us that practice is necessary in order to master strategies that are critical to the success of the reading and writing process. The more students read, the more proficient they become at reading and writing.  Summer is a wonderful time of year for students to read books for pleasure and to nurture a love for reading.    

          The attached summer reading list for St. Bernard Parish Middle Schools supports the district curriculum. The list is organized according to grade level; however, it is always strongly encouraged that students read as much as possible. Books are available for checkout at school sites and at the public library. Books are available for purchase at local bookstores or 

           Your support in promoting literacy skills is especially critical to your child’s education. Students who read at least one of the texts on the summer reading list can receive extra credit in their English course the following year. In order to receive extra credit, students must pass the Accelerated Reader Program (ARP) test for each summer reading book.  Students may take ARP tests over the summer at Davies Elementary School Library from June 3 through June 30 from 8:15 am – 12:45 pm. Students may also take ARP tests upon their return to school through August 27, 2021.  Students should submit their printout of test results to their English teacher.  

    Please encourage and remind your student to keep up with this process to form good literacy habits.  We hope that you and your child have a wonderful time enjoying many great books this summer!

    Happy reading!


    6th Grade

    (Genre emphasis on Realistic Fiction, Historical Fiction, Myths; thematic emphasis on changes)


    Boys are Dogs by Leslie Margolis

    *Dark Water Rising by Marian Hale

    *Shiloh series by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

    Toby Wheeler: Eighth Grade Benchwarmer by Thatched Heldring



    7th Grade

    (Genre emphasis on Modern Fantasy, Science Fiction, Survival Stories, Relationships; thematic emphasis on choices)


    *Among the Hidden 1st in the Shadow Children Series by Margaret Haddix

    Great Wide Sea by Madeline Herlong

    Write Before Your Eyes by Lisa Williams Kline



    8th Grade

    (Genre emphasis on Biography, Non-fiction, Humor, Mystery, Cultural Differences; thematic emphasis on challenges)


    Bridesmaid by Hailey Abbot

    Night Hoops by Carl Deuker

    *Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor

    *Stormbreaker (Alex Rider series) by Anthony Harowitz




    •   Students will choose one of the above books to read over the summer according to the grade level they will be in during the 2019-2020 school year.  Reading more than one book is highly encouraged!


    •   *Books will be available at each middle school site for student check out during the summer. 


    •   Students will be able to earn extra credit for summer reading assignments. Students will need to take an ARP test or submit a 10 sentence summary of the book to receive extra credit.


    •  Extra credit will be added to Marking Period 1 report card grades.