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  • Letter from the Principal


    Dear Parents:


    We are anxious to welcome your children back to school in August! Our staff, in conjunction with school district personnel, have been busy developing procedures to make the reopening of our school campus as safe as possible. Social distancing, intact groupings of homeroom students, wearing of masks by all staff members and students in Grades 3 – 5, frequent handwashing and wiping down of surfaces, and education of our students in the importance of individual responsibility will be a part of our daily protocol.


    Within our school environment, teachers are preparing warm, inviting classrooms for our students. While students will remain in their assigned areas of the classroom for instruction, learning will be creative and interactive. There will be outdoor recess time built into the schedule to allow homeroom classes to interact and socialize among themselves. P.E., art, and music classes will also offer students an opportunity to develop physically and creatively as well as academically.


    Our district leadership constantly monitors the latest guidance issued by the medical community, and will continue to implement the latest recommendations for best practices in order to maintain the safest environment possible. Please refer to the district and school websites frequently to stay abreast of any changes that may be necessitated by state or local mandates. You may also ask questions via our school Facebook page, or email me directly at

    Remember, at CES we are Viking Strong!


    Elizabeth K. Winslow




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  • 2020-2021 New Student Registration

    • Registration will be by appointment ONLY
    • To make an appointment, please call (504) 304-0370
    • Please come by and pick up a registration packet in front of the school.  

School Handbook

  • Chalmette Elementary Parent Handbook 2020-21 



    Principal: Elizabeth Winslow

    Assistant PrincipalKatie McNab

    Secretary: Maria Melerine

    St. Bernard Parish Public Schools Superintendent: Doris Voitier

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         Welcome to the 2020-21 school year! The St. Bernard School District’s theme for the year is HOPEAs a district, we hope for a year of health and positivity as we embark on new educational journey. Our Chalmette Elementary School goal this year, based on the district theme of HOPE, is to HELP OUR STUDENTS PURSUE EXCELLENCE.

         Our faculty and staff hope to have the opportunity to meet the needs of our students in the classroom, but are prepared to adapt to district, state, and federal guidelines to provide a challenging education in a safe environment for our students, whatever form that may take. Our ever-expanding technology resources and ongoing teacher training will allow us to meet the demands of today’s shifting learning environment.

         To stay informed we encourage parents to use the online tools available, including the school and district websites as well as individual teacher web pages. Through the Parent Access Center you can monitor your child’s grades all year longOur CES Facebook page, Chalmette Elementary Connection, celebrates our successes and provide a calendar of upcoming eventsIn addition, SchoolStatus is a new communication tool that teachers and administrators will be using this year to connect directly with you. You can encourage your child to practice his/her skills at home, too, using the computer programs available through the school website.

         The faculty and staff look forward to working with you and your children. Let’s strive together to HELP OUR STUDENTS PURSUE EXCELLENCE!


    Elizabeth K. Winslow