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Letter from the Principal

  • Welcome to Chalmette High School

    Dear Chalmette High Family,

    Looking back at my fifty years as a teacher and principal at Chalmette High School, I am amazed when I think of the thousands of wonderful people I have met. The students, parents, staff, teachers, administrators and community members have truly enhanced my life.  I have had the privilege to see young teenagers grow academically, emotionally, and socially into promising new adults. I cannot express the joy that I have at every graduation ceremony seeing the students’ growth which has occurred over their four years at Chalmette High. What a great way to spend my life, with the future generation enjoying their teen lives and preparing to accomplish great things.

    When Dr. John Hunter, President of LSU, spoke at the dedication of the new Chalmette High School campus in 1962, he spoke of CHS as one of the most beautiful and well equipped schools in Louisiana.  I wonder what he would think of our campus today.  Because of the leadership of our superintendent, Ms. Doris Voitier, and the support of our St. Bernard Parish school board members, the Chalmette High facility is second to none. 

    Mr. Buford Jones, former CHS principal, spoke about how each student had to accept the challenge to prepare for his life’s vocation. If I could, I would love to spend hours telling Mr. Jones of the thousands of graduates who have become successful citizens in every area of learning and life. I am most proud of the students who have passed through our doors and excelled in every profession imaginable.

    Your school has been rated an “A” school by the Louisiana State Department of Education.  Our students and teachers have built a school with a culture of caring and purpose. Last year, our 2016 graduates received eleven million dollars of scholarships.  Our athletic teams were very successful in getting to the state playoffs.  The fine arts, theater, dance, and music programs are acclaimed citywide.  I hope you realize how proud I am of your accomplishments; and keep it up!

    It is my privilege to be your principal this year.  Let’s make the best of the time you have at Chalmette High School. As always, remember, the choices you make today, shape your world tomorrow.

    Make great choices and GO OWLS!



    Wayne Warner

    Principal  ​