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  • Update from the Superintendent


    This year was one of both unprecedented challenges and immense HOPE. There was a sense that whatever light was at the end of the tunnel would reveal a brighter future. We all knew we could never go back to what was, and none of us wants to continue what is, but we all have begun to think about the possibilities of what could be.  What will life look like at the end of this pandemic? What will schools look like? Events?  

    Whatever comes next, I am confident that our community will unite around our shared passion, compassion, and love for our students. Together, we will not only survive but thrive. This school year reminded me of one simple truth that we can take with us through the 2021-2022 school year - alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. 

     So next year, we will come together around that theme of UNITY - united by our support of each other, the strength of our community, and the care for our students.  

    Have a safe, enjoyable summer. We look forward to welcoming you back in August, unified in our mission to provide quality educational instruction, so all of our students are responsible, productive citizens and life-long learners.


    Have a great summer, 


    Doris Voitier

    Superintendent of St. Bernard Parish Public Schools





  • Ring Day for the Class of 2021

    It was a different venue but the same time-honored traditions that were celebrated when Chalmette High School hosted its annual Ring Day for the Class of 2021. Held on the field of Bobby Nuss Stadium, over 350 seniors took part in this ceremony which marked their first milestone towards graduation.

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  • St. Bernard Parish Schools Send Relief

    Whether it was pasta with a purpose, free dress days, or fried fish for friends in need, schools throughout St. Bernard Parish School District have continued to raise money and awareness for communities impacted by the devastation of Hurricane Laura.

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  • Friday Night Under the Lights Returns

    The CHS Fighting Owls football team finally returned to the field on October 2 for their season opener and annual rival game against Holy Cross School at Bobby Nuss Stadium. While the team came up short on the scoreboard, the night was one of small victories in reclaiming Owl pride and normalcy in the face of Covid19 restrictions.

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  • Registration for Preschool Opened

    Starting this month, the district will be offering families an in-person and virtual option for preschool students. Preschool classes are located on each St. Bernard Parish Public School site and will now also be offered online.

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