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  • Welcome to St. Bernard Parish Public Schools

    Given a vision, an extraordinary effort will result in extraordinary success.

    Our schools live our motto every day. As a district, our vision is to be recognized as a premier school district, evoking pride within an involved community and empowering staff to meet the needs of all students through state-of-the-art educational programs and facilities. With the extraordinary effort of our students, parents, teachers, leaders, and the support of our community we have made that vision a reality.

    Today, St. Bernard Parish Schools is recognized as a top performing school district for both student achievement and teacher effectiveness. Our students consistently rank in the top ten throughout the state on end of course exams, and Chalmette High School was recognized as an “A” high school this year.

    We have eleven state-of-the-art schools and a twelfth opening in August of 2017. At our high school campus, we have academic, athletic, and performing arts facilities that rival many universities. Doors opened this February to the Maumus Center and thousands of students have already had the opportunity to experience the Center's planetarium. 

    As a district, we believe that all students can thrive in a safe and loving environment that nourishes the whole child. Offering students dozens of options for extracurricular activities, our students are able to find their passion in academics, arts, or athletics.  

    Welcome and we look forward to partnering with you to provide all children in St. Bernard Parish a quality education so that they are responsible, productive citizens and life-long learners.


    Superintendent Doris Voitier